At Omega Capital, we believe in ensuring that our clients have access to the best value for superior advice.

What makes our fee structure so attractive is that the cost chain is entirely in our control. Through efficiencies of scale, we’ve been able to negotiate very competitive fees and these savings significantly reduce the impact of our advisory fees. This means you’re effectively paying the same fee as if “going direct”, however you receive expert advice, planning and everything else that comes with consulting with a professional.

Omega Capital’s charging structures (and other investment costs and fees) are 100% transparent, disclosed and agreed to in writing by our clients.

There are no hidden fees and no kickbacks. This is a contractual commitment which we believe is a first in South Africa.

Our investment portfolio fee structure is a nil commission basis, with an annual advisory fee applicable of between 0.25% and 0.75% of the assets under management.

  • We believe that we are correctly incentivised to protect and grow client assets because this in turn protects and grows our revenue.
  • Initial fees and a pre-agreed once off structuring fee may apply depending on the complexity of the circumstance and the compliance cost involved.
  • Importantly, while this is Omega Capital’s fee structure, a large part of our value add lies in our ability to reduce the other costs and fees clients pay. This saving is often as high as 70%, compared with the industry average.
  • To cover costs a minimum fee of R 12 000.00 per annum is required.
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