Our approach to investing focuses on preserving wealth and enhancing its value, through carefully calculated strategies that are using proven investment policies and principles.

Our core investment portfolios offer a range of risk-rated solutions. These portfolios are based on in-depth research. Fundhouse, our research partner, is a Cape Town and London based asset and actuarial consulting firm.

Together we select the investment strategy that best matches your requirements, goals and risk appetite. Ongoing management thereof becomes just as important after implementation.

By choosing Omega Capital as your specialist wealth manager, both the style of your investments and the costing structure are entirely controllable, giving us the advantage of being able to strategically invest your financial affairs in order to achieve the best outcomes.

Due to our close and long standing relationships with the fund managers and investment platforms, we’ve been able to negotiate very compelling fees. These savings can be equal to or greater than our advice fee charged. Typically, this means you’re paying the same rates as if you were to invest direct, but you receive the Omega Capital advice ‘built in’.