Omega Capital is the holder of an FSCA approved CAT II investment management licence. We are proud to always demonstrate the highest standards and ethics throughout all aspects of our business.

We operate with true transparency and independent thinking to deliver a results-orientated strategy using proven investment policies and principles, the latest technology and a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.

To that end, we follow a strict process that  includes:

  • Our advice is never compromised.
  • A strategic planning process utilising expertise and technology, helping us to analyse your needs in  determining the right strategies and products, for you and your family and/or business.
  • A framework to guide our decision-making provides a financial baseline against which we measure future results.
  • Consistent monitoring and updating of your plan to ensure that it remains relevant to your needs.
  • Provide the tools and products you, your family and business need to help create, grow and preserve your wealth.
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