At Omega Capital we provide the entire range of financial planning and wealth management services that help individuals reach their financial goals.

What makes us different is our size and expertise. Far from just being financial brokers, we are specialist wealth managers operating in an environment of independent thinkers. Omega Capital is large enough to compete with the big names in the industry and still small enough to know and care for our clients personally.

While we remain totally independent of any service provider, we enjoy quick and easy access to decision makers in asset management companies, service providers and administrators. This gives us the level of agility and timing required in the modern world, with which larger firms cannot compete.

It is important to us, and for clients to know, that we apply the same investment strategy to clients’ investments and as we do to our own investments. These “tried and tested” financial planning and investment strategies use the latest technology and industry knowledge to deliver superior outcomes for our clients.

We are proud holders of an FSCA Regulator Approved category II investment management licence. This authorises us to act in terms of a client mandate, to ensure the importance of preserving and growing their wealth through pro-active management of their investment portfolios. This mandate makes clients’ lives simpler and less cluttered, with less administration so that they can focus on the important decisions required in their own financial planning.

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Combined and updated reporting on ALL your investments (not just those we manage for you) in real time.

Reports are e-mailed to you. (or can be posted)

You receive them timelessly and in the format you require.

You have the choice of detailed or abridged reports.

Your detailed valuation portfolio is available on the website with secure login details.

Less staff and overheads are incurred by us when we employ technology. This means that we invest your funds more cost effectively.

We have more time for our clients and to meet with service providers (asset managers etc.), which keeps  us up to date in all areas.

This extra time  allows for better thinking and problem solving.

Information is free, you just have to know where to find it. Having time for independent thinking and processing of this information is key and vital.

By cutting out unnecessary cost and complication  in  products we are able to provide  excellent value for money.