Johannes Landman – Director


Being an only child, I grew up very close to my parents. While other families played ball, or went to the beach, we were very different. Our ‘family activity’ was insightful and respectful discussions. We discussed everything from politics and history to philosophy, comic books and myths. During this time, we’d also day dream about our future plans (holidays, homes, future careers) which made for great conversations over the years.

As an adult I still treasure and enjoy the same things: enjoying good food and wine over animated conversations.  I am lucky to travel fairly often, and the more ‘out-of-the-way’’ the destination is, the more enjoyable the road trip.


I spent my youth thinking I would become a storyteller, writing and directing films or television.  For this reason, I spent my younger years working on film sets and studied both Drama and Film & Television production.  I have a BA, HDram and MA in this field.  While studying film, I invested my personal time in investment management – a passion and hobby I shared with my father from a very early age. My passion for the power of investments and proper financial planning began to make a difference in peoples’ lives and this soon exceeded my passion for film and television.  I began studying financial planning while working in film and television and within a few years, I took the leap and started working as a financial advisor.

I have since obtained my Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning (cum laude) and qualified as a CFP. I have a passionate personality combined with a keen and analytical mind which aids in my profession as a financial planner and advisor to clients.

Finally, the partnership and synergy of goals, values and work-ethic I have found as a partner in Omega Capital leaves me both grateful and proud.


Balance is a cornerstone to Omega Capital’s financial planning principles.  Its partners and shareholders, myself included, happily apply this to our every day.

Exercise on a regular basis is very important to me.  It keeps the body healthy and the mind relaxed.  I believe that investing energy in one’s body and health is just as important as investing capital and time in one’s financial health.  One of my best forms of escapism is through games.  I’m an avid player of board games and regularly, happily lose myself in playing Xbox.