Neil van Loggerenberg – Director


My life is all about my faith and my family – my beautiful wife Nadia and my precious children Rikus and Nika. I believe that the true legacy you leave behind lies in the impact that you have on others. For this reason, I treasure the relationships I have with family, friends and clients and strive to leave a positive impact after every interaction.


Money means different things to everyone. For me, it is an enabler, and when handled incorrectly, a disabler. It comes with the responsibility to invest it correctly and to spend it correctly. I truly believe the key to happiness is not governed by how much money you have. The answer is to be content, and to understand the priorities in your own life, while taking responsibility for the money you are fortunate enough to have.


Having dreams and ambitions is something we should all have. Without this, you lose your way. If it keeps you up at night, it should be due to excitement, not worry. For me, helping people to achieve their dreams is what motivates me in my career. To balance my career with my personal life, I have a great passion for motorcycles. Riding a motorcycle gives me the chance to ride it to its full capability, to understand the engineering that has gone into this machine, to understand the abilities of such a machine and at the same time to understand my abilities of how to handle it. To me, it is the closest that you can get to being able to fly.