Steve Milton – Director


I live in Illovo with my wife, Jen, and three boys. Family life and sport (tennis in particular) dominate my world and I am blessed that this is so.

Having completed a B.Comm. degree at Rhodes, and a subsequent H.Dip Tax at Wits, I then completed my national service at SARS. I was determined not to follow the family trend of a father, brother and uncle who were all in the financial planning industry. However, I soon realised that financial planning was my calling.

I spent 13 years as the managing director at Grant Thornton Capital (then, and now, one of the biggest independent financial planning businesses in SA). The experience, knowledge and skills obtained there were invaluable, but in 2007 corporate life and “meetings for meetings sake” had reached an expiry date. After a year-long sabbatical we then started Omega Capital in 2009. Omega Capital perfectly completes the balance that is required in my life between my family life, friends and sport.


Most things in life can now be explained, but money remains the one elusive concept that still has a different meaning to each person. Finding the meaning of money for myself, and for our clients, is a journey that we are on here at Omega Capital. Sometimes money can be explained in the numbers through quantitative and proven techniques. At other times, it is qualitative and prompts one to have a look at their own goals and purpose in life. Regardless of the meaning of money to you, it is a journey we’re all on and one I love to take my clients with, especially through the help of our continually increasing knowledge and experience.


Balance is a key ingredient in everyone’s life and one that is often hard to find. When starting Omega Capital in 2009, balance meant splitting my time evenly between my personal life and the passion of starting a financial planning business. Soon after that, my faith as a Christian also became another factor in the balancing scale. Finding the perfect balance in life is a continual and changing goal. Balance reminds us of what to be grateful for and what the meaning of money is to each and every one of us is. It started out as and remains a guiding principle, ethic and culture for Omega Capital.