Vince Boulle – Financial Planning Partner


I am married to Angela and we have two adult sons, Jason and Brad. We are an active family and enjoy doing sport together. Mountain biking is my passion with a number of endurance events under my belt, the cherry on the top being Ang joining me on Sani2C for my 50th birthday. Paddling the Dusi and Fish River Canoe Marathons with my boys have also been memorable events. We love to travel, be it overlanding our beautiful country and her surrounding neighbours or family skiing and mountain biking holidays.

I grew up in Durban, obtained my B.comm degree from Durban University (now UKZN) and went on to qualify as a Chartered Accountant in 1990. My national service years were served at SARS. I later joined Investec where I spent 13 great years developing my skills and experience in financial services. From there I joined the Nedbank group, firstly as Managing Director of BoE Private Clients and concluding my last 10 years in the Group as Executive Head of Wealth Management.

In 2019, I embarked on an extended sabbatical part of which was dedicated to researching the financial planning and wealth management industry, both locally and abroad. My aim was to identify and understand the significant industry shifts that were, and are still occurring and determine the environment, culture and principles that would enable the best possible outcomes for clients within this changing landscape. My findings pointed to independence and strong international capabilities as being key to achieving best client outcomes which brought me to Omega Capital. Our core focus at Omega Capital is on financial planning and independent advice, the latter being critical to a sound, uncompromised and unconflicted investment solution. Our culture focuses on partnering with our clients to find the best possible solutions for their specific needs and equipping them to make good decisions.


In my experience, there is a real need to assist clients in building a robust financial life plan and enable the execution of that plan ultimately providing them and their families with clarity, direction and peace of mind.

Money means different things to many people. I aim to help my clients determine their purpose when it comes to their money – what money means to them, what they want to achieve or do with their money, the difference they may wish to make in the world with their money and the legacy they want to leave. I assist them to execute on their purpose through a robust financial plan.


Balance is achieved differently for everyone and is influenced by a variety of factors. For me personally, it is a blend of spending quality time with my family and friends, staying physically and mentally strong and fit while making a difference in my clients’ lives by enabling them to achieve their financial goals.